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PostSubject: I'M A ROARING KITTEN!    Sat Aug 10, 2013 4:06 pm

Hello everyone! I'm roaringkitten, also known as RK!

I joined this forum primary because of Parfait Tic! It has been one manga I've loved since a looooong time ago and it's always been bugging me how the ending was never translated & scanned!
Even though I've been studying Japanese religiously, it's not not up to the level of reading fluently and easily yet. T-T
Thus, I was elated when I found out Misty Rain Scans is gonna be translating & scanning!

After looking around at the other manga you guys are working on I've developed an interesting in reading them as well, heheh.
So, thank you guys very much for all the hard work! I'll be looking forward to more works and chapters. n__n
And hopefully when my Japanese is up to standard, I can join you guys in making other fans happy as well.

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